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Armadillo Coin

Launched February 2022, Armadillo is a new Australian based meme coin.

Our purpose is to reward our community and generate revenue through crypto, using a percentage of the profits to fund new and unique mental health projects.

Armadillo will be one of the most loved and fastest growing crypto communities.

Become a fellow Armadillo with $DILLO today.


About Armadillo Coin

Our aim is to generate revenue from blockchain technology that will reward our members and contribute to new and unique mental health programs starting at a local community level and extending worldwide to Developing Countries.
Armadillo ($DILLO) be available to purchase on PancakeSwap (V2) from 1st February 2022.
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Armadillo Coin

The new meme


Armadillo Coin is fully decentralized.

We are looking at the dawn of a whole new era of meme coins!

Over the recent years, we have watched meme and altcoins rise exponentially in their popularity.
Now it is time to back a coin that has a true purpose. 
Armadillo will look after its community, grow and branch out, extending beyond its own borders, to help other communities.
Your support of $DILLO can create a lasting change in the mental health sector for many years to come.


This idea will hit like the tailed beast that it is

Armadillo Coin’s epic cuteness and foundation in philanthrophy will destroy all of the competition. 

Why become a $DILLO?

Armadillo Coin is fully decentralized and part of the new meme trend.

Our fellow Armadillo's will be supporting new mental health projects and causes just by becoming a part of the $DILLO community.

Our Armadillo Army will also be rewarded with every transaction that takes place on Pancake Swap.

So much to offer

Our features on point

Community Focus

The community will be involved every step of the way.
Upon hitting our Phase 4 target we will be reaching out to the community to decide where the funds raised will be channelled into unique mental health projects.

Strong Management

The roadmap is a serious one. Whitepaper in progress.
Our strength is strategic planning and we aim to be the next meme sensation that has an important mission to make a difference.


The bigger the community the better for everyone.
Armadillo Coin does not discriminate.
Proud to be owned by anyone, he’s quite happy to be shared amongst the masses, spreading fun, joy and good mental health.


Phase 1 - completed

  • completed  Armadillo Coin Smart Contract deployed and verified 
  • completed  Armadillo Coin website launch  
  • completed  Official $DILLO launch party 
  • completed  Armadillo Coin pre-listing sales  
  • completed  Future Merch planning  

Phase 2 - completed

  • completed  Initial marketing planning     
  • completed  Build Twitter community 
  • completed  Release white paper   
  • completed  Initial liquidity provided and locked 
  • completed  Set up auto liquidity to reward fellow $DILLO members   
  • completed  Online Merch store built   

Phase 3 - in progress

  • Marketing Plan phase 2
  • completed Airdrop
  • Audit Report
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Coingecko Listing applied
  • Community $DILLO growth
  • Get your Diamond Hands ready to HODL

Phase 4

  • Reach out to the $DILLO community to launch new mental health projects
  • Launch the Merch on the website because nobody's wardrobe life is complete without an Armadillo T-Shirt
  • Launch $DILLO swap

How to Buy on Pancake Swap


1. Step: Install Metamask for Chrome

Go to Metamask and install the Chrome extension. Follow their steps from the guide and finish the setup.


2. Step: Send BNB to Metamask

After installing Metamask, you can send BNB to your Metamask address from an exchange such as Binance.com

3. Step: Connect to PancakeSwap

Go to PancakeSwap and click “Trade”. 
Connect your Wallet. 
In ‘Swap’ select the DILLO token using the Armadillo Contract Address: 
Click ‘Import’ to add the DILLO token.

4. Step:  Exchange your BNB for Armadillo Coin

You can now exchange your BNB for Armadillo (DILLO).
Set your slip rate to 12% in settings. 
Buy Armadillo Coin at the event amount. 
Click on the Swap Button to complete your transaction.
Make sure you set fast processing speed in Metamask.

Contribute to our success

Become Part of the $DILLO Community

We are a fully decentralized, community-powered project. As a result we need as many people as possible to get on board and share this project with the mainstream. By sharing information about $DILLO on social media and by wearing $DILLO we can support more Community Projects. 



Total Supply



3% Redistributed back to $DILLO holders on every transaction


3% To fuel the Liquidity fund pool in Pancake Swap


4% To fund Mental Health Projects and Marketing


Need a new tee?
Grab a DILLO shirt today for a super stylin’ new look and to support mental health.

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